First Things Class

Especially geared for people who are new to church and/or Christian faith, First Things offers an introduction to topics like how we pray, common questions about the Bible, why churches do things like communion and baptism, and what the “gospel” of Jesus is. The heart of the class is to give everyone a chance to ask their own questions about […]

All Locations | Posted November 14, 2021

Listening in Prayer

Join us Monday night, November 1, at 7:30pm (*note date and time change) for a class led by Pastor Carl on how we can listen, along with speaking, to the Holy Spirit in prayer. We will talk about how prayer, according to Scripture and the life of Jesus and the early church, is two-way communication, […]

All Locations | Posted November 1, 2021

Pursuing Spiritual Health with a Newborn

New parenthood can be a trying season where you may feel like spiritual health takes a backseat. We will have a panel of couples who will share honest stories of their spiritual journeys in the midst of having a newborn. There will also be a time for Q and A. We welcome new parents to […]

All Locations | Posted November 13, 2021

Christian Theologies & Race in American History

Join us as Pastor Carl leads a class and conversation about American church theologies and their past and present relationship to issues of race. We will talk about theologies that claim biblical warrant for race theories, including theories of racial superiority, and we will talk about “personal-salvation” and “salvation-as-afterlife-only” theologies that do not address issues of […]

All Locations | Posted October 3, 2021

Conversations with Your Children about Sex

Join us via Zoom on Saturday, June 19 at 7pm as we learn how to have healthy conversations about sex with our children with Alice Kim LCSW. Alice works at Emmaus Counseling and Consulting Services (emmausccs.com) where she offers gospel-centered therapy to the DC Metro area. She finds deep fulfillment in engaging people’s stories and […]

All Locations | Posted June 19, 2021

What is “Evangelical”?

“Evangelical” is used today to describe voters, seminaries, and characters in movies, to name just a few uses of this elastic term. This class on Sunday, October 11, led by Pastor Carl Park, examines “Evangelical” as a theological, political, and cultural word. We will think about its history, as well as its future, and how […]

All Locations | Posted October 11, 2020

Membership Interest Class

If you are interested in becoming a member at GCCC, there will be an introductory class on Saturday, October 10th from 9:30-11:30am via Zoom. Please sign-up by the registration deadline on October 8th.

All Locations | Posted October 10, 2020

Perspectives Class

Why value missions? What is missions all about? You are invited to explore missions with us as we discover how God is a missionary God. We will have a four week class online, starting October 4th from 8-9pm, utilizing the material from the perspectives course. The following three classes will be held at the same […]

All Locations | Posted October 4, 2020

Using Light to Drive out Darkness: A Conversation on Race with GCCC

Join Pastor Carl, Dorian Belz, Christine Shin, and Omari James this Friday at 7PM on the GCCC YouTube page for a very personal discussion of race in GCCC.  In it, Omari will help lead the panelists in an open conversation on the personal complexities of navigating race, honestly asking and answering questions.  Viewers will be […]

All Locations | Posted June 26, 2020

An Evening to Listen & Learn

Join CAAPDC (Coalition of Asian American Pastors For DC) on July 2 at 7:30pm for an evening where Asian Americans and multi-ethnic brothers and sisters can sit to listen and learn from what is happening in the Black church and the Black community. Speakers Pastor T.L. Rogers and Pastor Perrin Rogers will take time to […]

All Locations | Posted July 2, 2020
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