Did you know that Jesus talks more about money than any other topic? Do you know what he says about it? This class looks at how we as Christians can handle money in our lives. The first session will provide a biblical framework for thinking about money, possessions, faith, and time. The second session will get into developing goals, budgeting, and discussion about spending, saving, investing, and debt. 

Andy Ho, one of our elders, will facilitate the class. He has an academic background in finance, currently works in philanthropy and fundraising, and has a passion for helping others grow in biblical financial stewardship and generosity.

This class is via Zoom (link to be emailed). The first session is Sunday evening, May 31, 8:00-8:45pm. After splitting up the class, the second session is June 7 for some and June 14 for others, Sunday at 8:00pm for both.

Registration deadline is 2:00pm on Sunday, May 31.