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Great Commission Community Church’s
Policy and Procedures for Sending
International Missionaries


Great Commission Community Church (GCCC) is a sending church. It is a lifestyle, more than a calling. We are all sent to be the light of Christ in our neighborhoods, families, workplaces and wherever we travel around the world.

However, from time to time, GCCC will set apart those who have been called to serve in a more full-time or permanent capacity for a specific mission assignment. At this current time, GCCC only officially sends our members to partner locations and ministries; however, some exceptions to non-partnering locations and ministries are possible on a case-by-case basis.

As GCCC members are sent abroad, they represent the fragrance of Christ and are His ambassadors. Consequently, it is GCCC’s privilege and duty to discern which members from GCCC should be sent by our church and adequately prepare them before they are sent out. The following section describes the eligibility, requirements and process for those seeking to be sent as missionaries by GCCC for a two to five-year term.


GCCC members seeking to be sent by GCCC must meet the following eligibility requirements before applying.


As potential missionaries are sent by GCCC, the following list of items is required.

GCCC is not a direct sender of missionaries or missionary teams at this time. Instead, we partner with mission organizations and mission teams in sending our people overseas. Consequently, the day-to-day work of GCCC’s missionaries is supervised by on the field supervisors working among GCCC’s partnering (and when applicable, non-partnering) organizations.


The process of being sent overseas as a missionary from GCCC involves the following tasks (mostly in sequential order):

Covenant Agreement

Before being sent out, GCCC and the missionary candidate(s) will sign a covenant agreement for the mission’s term. The covenant statements and agreements will vary from situation to situation, but some of the basic parts of the covenant include the following items.

Benefits for the missionary worker being sent by GCCC:

In being sent by GCCC, the missionary worker agrees to do the following:

Renewing for additional terms

GCCC’s Governance Board will review applications for missionaries sent by GCCC already on the field and who wish to renew for an additional term. Initial conversations for renewal begins with the mission’s coordinator, followed by a scaled down version of the initial application form and finally an interview with GCCC’s Governance Board. Current missionaries will be asked about their renewal intentions about 6 months before the end of their term.


For questions or more information, contact the mission’s coordinator at

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