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Praying, we believe, is an integral part of Christian spirituality and our participation in God’s work. Praying together with others increases our awareness of God’s ongoing redemptive work and our passion for it. It connects us to God, as we make his heart our own. And praying actually accomplishes God’s work.

Every week, our church prays together. We pray for God’s work and will to be done in our circles and the larger world we live in. We expect God to make his desires known to us as we pray, and we trust his promise to hear us and be near us.

Prayer Meetings

Prayer meetings are held every Tuesday evening at the following locations.

1st Tuesday of the Month:

Arlington, VA / 7-8:30pm
Contact Grace for the address.
*metro accessible

2nd Tuesday of the Month:

Spring Lane, VA / 8-9pm
Contact Jeff Wu for the address.

3rd Tuesday of the Month:

North Bethesda, MD/ 8-9pm
Contact Admin for the address.
*metro accessible

4th Tuesday of the Month:

Vienna, VA / 8-9pm
Contact Phil Oh for the address.

5th Tuesday of the Month:

No Prayer Meeting

Prayer Requests

If you have any prayer requests, please submit them here! Your prayer requests will be confidential and only shared with church leaders and those in the prayer ministry. You may include your name or leave it blank if you wish to remain anonymous. Requests submitted here will go directly to the pastoral staff.

Leave the name field empty if you wish to remain anonymous.

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Prayer Request

Potluck after service on July 9

Join us at our first-ever joint service potluck on Sunday, July 9!

Save the Date for BBQs on July 16

In the spirit of fostering unity and fellowship, some people will be hosting BBQs at their homes after service on July 16. It will be organized by this past year’s …

Mine Water Park Party on July 22

Join us for some summer fun at the Mine Water Park on July 22!

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