It’s important to teach kids to respond to God’s Word every time they read it. A response can be a question, something that made you smile, or another story in the Bible this reminds you of. Responding to God’s Word can also be something you do: acting out what you read, building the story out of Legos, or praying about something God said. There are no right or wrong answers, its about teaching your children to read God’s Word and respond to Him. Each week we will post new questions and activity ideas to get you started. Don’t feel pressured to get through them all– just pick a few that fit your family and see how they lead to great conversations about who Jesus is!

Acts 2


  • What do the disciples see and hear when God’s Spirit comes?
  • Can you think of anyone God’s Spirit fill in the Old Testament? Who does God’s Spirit fill here?
  • List or draw pictures of all the different kinds of people that God says He will pour out His Spirit on in Peter’s speech from Joel? Which kind of person sounds the most like you?

Activity Ideas:

Wind RaceWhen the Holy Spirit comes He sounds like wind rushing in.  Find a straw and cotton ball for everyone in your family. Race from one end of the room to the other blowing your cotton ball across the room using your breath. Talk about how it might have felt to sit in that room when God’s Spirit came rushing in.

Mini movie nightOften in the Old Testament, God’s breath and His Spirit are used together to describe the same Holy Spirit. Pop some popcorn and watch this short video as a family. Afterwards, have everyone talk about one thing that they learned.

Flame Word Art – God’s Spirit always comes on people in the Bible to empower them to do BIG things they couldn’t do without Him. Print out this flame coloring sheet. Think of things God’s Spirit has or could help you do (ie give money to a homeless person, tell someone about Jesus, be kind to a bully). Draw or write those things in red, orange, and yellow in the flame to illustrate how God’s Spirit empowers you.