It’s important to teach kids to respond to God’s Word every time they read it. A response can be a question, something that made you smile, or another story in the Bible, this reminds you of. Responding to God’s Word can also be something you do: acting out what you read, building the story out of Legos, or praying about something God said. There are no right or wrong answers, it’s about teaching your children to read God’s Word and respond to Him. Each week we will post new questions and activity ideas to get you started. Don’t feel pressured to get through them all– just pick a few that fit your family and see how they lead to great conversations about who Jesus is!

Acts 21-22

Response Activities:

  • Family Prayers: In Acts 21:1-6, we see entire families coming to pray over Paul as he heads to Jerusalem. What is something your whole family could begin (or has been) praying for? Spend 2 minutes praying for that now.
  • Natural Connections: In Acts 21:37-22:29 Paul quickly transitions from speaking in Greek to Greeks, Hebrew to Jews, and bragging about his Roman citizenship to Roman citizens. Paul was an expert at using natural connection points with people he encountered so he could talk about Jesus. Grab some scratch paper and crayons. Draw a circle on it and draw someone in the circle who doesnt know Jesus. Brainstorm different things you have in common with this person that you could use to begin talking about Jesus (both play soccer, both like to bake, both like Spiderman).
  • Every Opportunity: In Acts 21:37-22:2 Paul uses his opportunity to speak to share his King story (not to even ask to be set free because he is innocent of the crime they are accusing him of). Make a mini-book or comic strip showing your King story. Spend time praying as a family, asking th Holy Spirit to give you an opportunity this week to share your King story with someone.