It’s important to teach kids to respond to God’s Word every time they read it. A response can be a question, something that made you smile, or another story in the Bible that this reminds you of. Responding to God’s Word can also be something you do: acting out what you read, building the story out of Legos, or praying about something God said. There are no right or wrong answers, it’s about teaching your children to read God’s Word and respond to Him. Each week we will post new questions and activity ideas to get you started. Don’t feel pressured to get through them all– just pick a few that fit your family and see how they lead to great conversations about who Jesus is!

After you read Genesis 7 & 8…

Response Activities:

  • Animal Acting: Ask each person in your family to think of an animal. Play a game of “Charades” and take turns acting out the animals as family members try to guess. Read Genesis 6:5-7. Why did God want to wipe out every living thing on the earth? What does Genesis 7:2-3 say about God’s future plan for the earth?
  • Boat Float: Find a rectangular piece of paper and make an origami boat. Place the boat in an empty bowl. Slowly fill the bowl with water and watch the “ark” rise as it floats on the water. Talk with your family about how you think Noah and his family might have felt being stuck on the ark for a whole year–maybe longer! 
  • “Arc” of the Covenant: In Genesis 8:21, God promises that He will never destroy all the earth again, and in Genesis 9:11-17, He repeats this covenant with Noah and tells him that the rainbow will be the sign of His promise. Make your own rainbow using a glass of water, a small mirror, and a flashlight in a very, very dark room. See if you and your family can think of other promises God made to His people (and to us!) in the Bible. Thank God for being the perfect promise keeper.
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