Parresia and Musterion

• November 25, 2018 •

Thanksgiving [Tysons]

• November 25, 2018

I am the Light of the World

I am the Light of the World [Tysons]

Questions about Jesus

Let It Flow [Tysons]

Simple Faith

I Am the Bread of Life [Tysons]

Spain Refresh Retreat Applications

If you are interested in going on the Spain Refresh Retreat (June 27-July 7, 2019), please submit the application by January 16, 2019. Please email Pastor Jonathan Thornton with any …

Giving Statements for 2018

If you would like your offering to GCCC to be on a tax-deductible receipt for 2018, you can place your cash (with name and address on envelope) or check in …

Change of Address

If you changed mailing addresses during 2018 (or your mailing address on your check is not current), please email an updated address to to receive your year-end giving statement. …

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