You Shall Know That I Am Lord [Tysons]

Great and Marvelous Are Your Judgments

God Comes to Rescue

Liberated To Love

God’s Redeeming Love [Tysons]

Remembering His Covenant

• September 8, 2019 •

God’s Master Plan [Tysons]

The Gospel and Wealth [Tysons]

• September 1, 2019 •

The Gospel and Worship

• September 1, 2019 •

Missions Gathering

Come join us as we hear from one of our new district missionaries on Sunday, February 2nd after service.

Congregational Retreat Planning

Our congregational retreat will be on May 22-24 at Eastern Mennonite University. Mark those dates down! If you’d like to help planning for the retreat, please email Pastor Steve Kim. …

Welcome Lunch @Arlington

If you’re new to our community and would like to learn more about us, please join us for our next Welcome Lunch on February 2!

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