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• August 11, 2019 •

What’s Real in Jude

• July 21, 2019 •

What’s Good in 3 John

How to Become a Person of Love Like Jesus

See What Kind of Love!: Being Like Our Father

Our Love and Anointing

I Write To You Because You Are Strong

When Joy is Incomplete

Seeing and Believing, Hearing and Believing, and Not Seeing but Believing

Jesus: Ultimate Stranger, Ultimate Host

Small Group Sunday

On August 18th at Tysons and August 25th at Arlington we will be sharing our vision for community through small groups, and after service you will have a chance to …

Worship and A/V Needed at Tysons

Do you have hidden (or not so hidden) musical talent or the willingness to learn how to run our sound and media? We need you at Tysons! Please consider joining …

GCCC Labor Day Picnic

Join our annual church picnic on Monday, September 2nd from 11:30AM-3:00PM at Barcroft Park in Arlington, VA. Come spend an afternoon fellowshipping as one church!

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