Baptism is the Church’s main symbol of our new life together in Christ–becoming committed to Christ, his community, and his cause. If you haven’t been baptized but identify as a person with a life in Christ, we would love to see you get baptized! This year, we are baptizing people at our Sunday service on May 8 (Tysons) and 15 (Arlington).

Those being baptized go through a four-week season of preparation, with classes on Sunday evenings at 7pm (Zoom). They are also accompanied in the process by a sponsor who is a part of GCCC (e.g., a small group leader, a friend, a mentor) and will support their baptism. 

If you want to be baptized this May, please sign up through the link on our website by April 6. Our first session is April 10. Please email Pastor Carl Park with any questions! 

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