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Tuesday Prayer

Please join us by Zoom on Tuesdays, 8-9pm, as we continue to seek God’s face together and also intercede on behalf of others.

Meeting ID: 694 416 072
Password: 036062

The Watch

The Watch is a time of in-person prayer, intermingled with song, that is focused on heart-to-heart communion with God together. We call it the Watch because, in prayer, we are watching and waiting, like historical watchmen, for the work of God among us. The next Watch is January 7 at 5pm at a location TBD. Please contact Pastor Carl Park with any questions.

Prayer for Ourselves and Others

We desire to cover and lift each other up in prayer as much as possible, both through bringing needs and concerns to God, and also praising God together for his gracious provision, protection, and peace. We invite you to fill out this form as a way for the pastoral staff to care for the church family in that way.

One of our main goals as a church is for people to experience new life in Christ. Prayer is a big part of seeing that happen. The form below is a means of identifying specific people you are praying will experience that new life. When you complete this form, your response will be emailed to you as a reminder to pray. It will also be sent to our pastoral staff, who will pray through the submitted forms. And as a community, we will take time during Sunday worship, once a month, to pray through these forms.