Emotional health is a critical component of living life with Christ. GCCC provides support for members of our community going through difficult times via several means:

Meals Ministry

Need meals during a crazy time of life? (new baby, recovery from major illness/surgery, etc.) The deacons can arrange for meal drop off for a period of time.
Email gccc.meals@gmail.com to arrange.

Board of Women

The Board of Women (BoW) is a group of female leaders that focuses upon the needs of women at GCCC.  The BoW serves alongside the Elders and seeks to give a greater voice to women’s views within the church.  The BoW also seeks to support the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional needs of women at GCCC through biblical teaching, prayer, counseling and tangible holistic care. The current members of the BoW can be contacted at: women.board@greatcommissioncc.org

Christian Counseling Resources

Counseling and Education Foundation

Paul Tripp Ministries

Emotionally Healthy Discipleship provide insights on challenges common to believers (e.g., depression, relationships, dealing with conflict)

We encourage members of our community to meet with a Christian counselor to address challenging issues. A list of counselors in the area is here.

Limited financial support may be available through the Benevolence Fund. For more information, see the Benevolence Fund page.

Additional Resources

Department of Health and Human Services; suicide prevention, eating disorders, trauma, etc.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration; 800-662-HELP

National Alliance on Mental Illness; 800-950-NAMI

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-SAFE

National Suicide Prevention Hotline; 800-273-TALK