Sharing Jesus

As a church, we hope to see many people experiencing new life in Christ and sharing life in Christ with one another. Sharing this life happens in many different ways: an invitation to a church event, praying together, being a host, being a guest, talking about Scripture that has recently impacted you, and many more. As you share a life in Christ with others, so that we end up experiencing new life in Christ together, our pastors would love to hear how this is happening. This form, linked below, is a great way you can tell them about it, let them be thankful with you, and be encouraged yourself as you write it. Thank you for sharing!

Praying for Others

One of our main goals as a church is for people to experience new life in Christ. Prayer is a big part of seeing that happen. The form below is a means of identifying specific people you are praying will experience that new life. When you complete this form, your response will be emailed to you as a reminder to pray. It will also be sent to our pastoral staff, who will pray through the submitted forms. And as a community, we will take time during Sunday worship, once a month, to pray through these forms.