Baptism is the primary symbol and expression of our new life together in Christ. Since its beginnings two thousand years ago, the Church has baptized those who have become committed to Christ, his community, and his cause. This year, GCCC is baptizing people, outdoors, on the weekend of May 23 (assuming conditions are safe to do so).

Those being baptized go through a five-week season of preparation (including four hour-long meetings by Zoom on weekends) before baptism. They are also accompanied in the process by a sponsor who is a part of GCCC (e.g., a small group leader, a friend, a mentor) and will support and affirm baptism.

If you want to be baptized this May, please sign up by April 21. Our first session in preparation is during the weekend of April 25. Please email Pastor Carl Park with any questions.

(If your teen/child is interested in Baptism, please email Erika Thornton)