It’s important to teach kids to respond to God’s Word every time they read it. A response can be a question, something that made you smile, or another story in the Bible, this reminds you of. Responding to God’s Word can also be something you do: acting out what you read, building the story out of Legos, or praying about something God said. There are no right or wrong answers, it’s about teaching your children to read God’s Word and respond to Him. Each week we will post new questions and activity ideas to get you started. Don’t feel pressured to get through them all– just pick a few that fit your family and see how they lead to great conversations about who Jesus is!


Response Activities:

  • Bro Time: Jude is one of Jesus’ four brothers. They don’t believe in Jesus at first (in the Gospels) but did all follow Him after they saw Him alive after he rose from the dead. Talk about one thing about following Jesus that was hard at first.
  • Fall Tree Craft: Jude compares bad church leaders to a tree in the fall with no fruit. Draw a fall tree (or do this craft together). Talk together as a family about why you think a bad church leader would be like a tree in the fall.
  • Multiplication Battle: Multiplication Battle. Graph paper, 2 dice, 2 different color crayons, 2 players. Take turns rolling 2 die and multiplying the score. Fill in that many squares on the graph paper to represent your sum (ie 3X5=15, color in 15 squares). Battle until all the paper is colored in. See who has more of the paper colored in with their color. Jude 1:2 Jude prays that “mercy, peace, and love being multiplied in you”. Pray that for your family.