It’s important to teach kids to respond to God’s Word every time they read it. A response can be a question, something that made you smile, or another story in the Bible this reminds you of. Responding to God’s Word can also be something you do: acting out what you read, building the story out of Legos, or praying about something God said. There are no right or wrong answers, its about teaching your children to read God’s Word and respond to Him. Each week we will post new questions and activity ideas to get you started. Don’t feel pressured to get through them all– just pick a few that fit your family and see how they lead to great conversations about who Jesus is!

Acts 1


  • What is something that you are waiting for? How long do you have to wait for it? What is it like to wait?
  • What are the disciples waiting for? (vs. 6)   
  • Why do you think Jesus stayed with the disciples for those 40 days before ascending to Heaven? What was the last thing he said to them?

Activity Ideas:

Waiting GameJesus instructed the disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit to come.  Play a waiting game with your kids, like “the quiet game” or Red Light, Green Light. For the quiet game, you could offer a reward for whoever stays quiet the longest. Enjoy!

“Ends of the Earth” prayer craftBefore he returns to Heaven, Jesus instructs his disciples to tell everyone about Him. Use this printable activity but instead of using it to learn about geography, use them as prompts to pray for people to know Jesus. “Jesus help people in (my neighborhood, my town, my state, my country, the world) to know you!”

Acts 1:8 painting for little ones – On a blank sheet of paper (or on this simple drawing of the earth), let your little one paint with blue and green paint. For less mess, try putting a glob of each color on the paper, slide it into a plastic page protector and seal the open end with clear mailing tape. They can finger paint without the mess!  As they paint, pray for people around the world to know Jesus!