Main Service

● Do I have to check in? Yes, we will have a check-in area where everyone will supply their contact information. This will help us better engage with visitors and help with contact tracing.

● Do I have to wear a mask? No, masks are no longer required. If you are more comfortable wearing a mask, please do so.

● How are communion elements distributed? We will use prepackaged communion elements.

● Do you collect offering during the service? No, we encourage you to continue giving online.

● Is there congregational singing? Yes.

● Can I bring my child(ren)? Children ages 3 and up are welcome to join us in God’s Garden.  A nursery classroom is available for children younger than 3 years.  Children of any age are welcome to stay with their parents in the main service.

● What do you have for children older than 5th grade? We do not have a separate God’s Garden group for our teens on Sunday mornings, but we have regular youth group meetings (for youth from Arlington and Tysons) on Saturday nights. We encourage our teenagers to worship in the auditorium on Sunday mornings and to serve in other ministries as a way of participating in our community life. Click Here for more info on when and where the youth group meets.

● Will there be any requirements to be vaccinated or will there be different policies for those that have (not) been vaccinated? There are no requirements for attenders to be vaccinated.

God’s Garden

● For what ages do you offer God’s Garden? God’s Garden is open to kids age 3 years through 5th grade. There is also a nursery class available for children younger than 3 years.

● Does my child have to wear a mask? No, masks are no longer required. If you are more comfortable having your child wear a mask, we will support that decision.

● How do I check my child in? We have implemented a touch-free check-in system. When a parent enters, they will receive a printed sticker, which they must put on their own child. This sticker will include the child’s name, parent’s contact number, and any allergy information. New families will be entered into the system by a check-in volunteer. After checking in, each child will be directed to their class table for the day.

● How are the classes set up? Following CDC’s guidelines, we will set up our class tables in a way that allows for proper social distancing and teacher flexibility.

● Do you have hand sanitizer available? Yes, each class table will have hand sanitizer and wipes to allow for cleaning and sanitizing throughout our time together.

● Is there singing? Yes, we believe worship and singing are integral components of spiritual formation and, like our adult service, we have singing.

● How do you run crafts and games? We believe children process and internalize what they learn about Jesus while playing in community. God’s Garden staff and volunteers will plan games, crafts, and activities that use individual rather than shared materials and will maintain social-distancing.

● Do you have snacks? No, snacks will not be served in God’s Garden at this time.

● How do you take children to the restroom? Following the safety policies in our Volunteer Safety Manual, we have a designated female volunteer who will remain “on call” to take children to the restroom in groups of 2 or more as needed. The volunteer will walk children to the restroom and ensure children properly wash their hands after using the restroom. Upon re-entry to God’s Garden, children and volunteers will use hand sanitizer again before rejoining their class.

● Do you have capacity limits? We will maintain adequate adult to child ratios as outlined in our Volunteer Safety Manual, as well as maintain social distancing.

● How do you keep the rooms, furniture, and supplies clean from week to week? In addition to the properties cleaning routines, all GCCC volunteers and staff will use hand sanitizer before setting up supplies.

● How do you oversee check-out? All kids will remain at their class areas or tables until their parent or guardian comes to the check-in table. When a parent arrives, their child(ren) will be checked out electronically and their names called to dismiss them to their parents. Families are then asked to leave the God’s Garden space to lessen crowding, maintain social distancing, and help us know which children are still in our care.

● What is your policy regarding vaccines and volunteers? In an effort to provide additional safety for our children and families, GCCC is requiring that all volunteers in God’s Garden and Youth Ministry do not serve if they have any COVID symptoms.