Hospitality as a Mark of Holistic Community

August 23, 2020
Location All Locations Speaker Series Reference Acts 27:1 - 28:10

Reflection and response questions:
*Questions adapted from the book Saved by Faith and Hospitality by Joshua Jipp

  1. What are the dangers involved in assuming that “we” are always the hosts and those who offer hospitality? What biblical texts encourage us to assume the role of guest or recipient of hospitality from others?
  2. How can Christians engage in deep and meaningful friendships with people of other religions? In what ways have you? If you don’t have (m)any significant friendships with people of other religions, what is preventing this?
  3. Reflect on or describe an occasion when you were blessed by hospitality from an unlikely or surprising person or community. How about an experience when someone of another religious tradition taught you (through word or deed) something significant about your own faith?

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