This group focuses on learning about how the Gospel is spreading in this region and what makes that challenging. We do this primarily through being connected with our partners in the region as we hear the stories of their hardships and God at work. We meet monthly and spend a significant portion of our time supporting the work of God in this region by praying.

This group focuses on supporting our partners who are serving in this region. We meet monthly to hear updates and pray for our partners and the work they are doing. We have several units we have sent out from our church serving in this region. This is also the best place to hear more about what is going on with our partners in Cambodia.

This group focuses on praying for the neighborhood and people of Baileys Crossroads. We are also seeking to discern together in prayer how our church could make an impact in this community. Our desire as a church is to bless this community and help bring about greater realities of Gods Kingdom.