Preparation for Baptism

Baptism is the Church’s main symbol of our new life together in Christ–becoming committed to Christ, his community, and his cause. If you haven’t been baptized but identify as a person with a life in Christ, we would love to see you get baptized! This year, we are baptizing people at our Sunday service on May […]

All Locations | Posted April 10, 2022

Warriors Over Worry: Walking Your Family From Anxiety to Freedom

Parent Seminar Do you feel trapped by fear and anxiety? Is your child or teen anxious, afraid, or worried constantly? Join Robin Han and Erika Thornton as we explore how to begin confronting fear and anxiety in your kids (and in you!). We will explore practical and spiritual components of pursuing freedom for you and […]

All Locations | Posted April 16, 2022

Sharing the Gospel with Confidence

Join us on April 2nd for an interactive workshop where we will grow together in sharing the Gospel with children. We want to leave with greater confidence in clearly presenting the Gospel and being able to communicate your story of how Jesus has changed your life (Your King Story!). This event is geared designed for […]

All Locations | Posted April 23, 2022

Membership Interest class

There will be a membership interest class on March 5th, 9-11am, over Zoom for those who are interested in becoming a member at GCCC or want to know more about our church. Please sign up by February 27th. Registration is now closed.

All Locations | Posted March 5, 2022

Life on Life Formation

Life on life Formation is about experiencing spiritual transformation in the context of a community. This course is a year long process where groups will engage in substantive teaching, readings and written reflections on spiritual themes. The cohort will meet on Saturday mornings starting February 12th @ 9am over zoom. (We hope to meet in […]

All Locations | Posted February 12, 2022

Meditating Day & Night

Do you want to be someone who is excited about reading God’s Word? Do you want to read the Bible the way Jesus did? Join us for an interactive class where we will dive in deep to God’s Word and how it’s designed to be read. Topics will include how to read the Bible as […]

All Locations | Posted January 9, 2022

First Things

Especially geared for people who are new to church and/or Christian faith, First Things offers an introduction to topics like how we pray, common questions about the Bible, why churches do things like communion and baptism, and what the “gospel” of Jesus is. The heart of the class is to give everyone a chance to ask their own questions about […]

All Locations | Posted November 14, 2021

Listening in Prayer

Join us Monday night, November 1, at 7:30pm (*note date and time change) for a class led by Pastor Carl on how we can listen, along with speaking, to the Holy Spirit in prayer. We will talk about how prayer, according to Scripture and the life of Jesus and the early church, is two-way communication, […]

All Locations | Posted November 1, 2021

Pursuing Spiritual Health with a Newborn

New parenthood can be a trying season where you may feel like spiritual health takes a backseat. We will have a panel of couples who will share honest stories of their spiritual journeys in the midst of having a newborn. There will also be a time for Q and A. We welcome new parents to […]

All Locations | Posted November 13, 2021

Christian Theologies & Race in American History

Join us as Pastor Carl leads a class and conversation about American church theologies and their past and present relationship to issues of race. We will┬átalk about theologies that claim biblical warrant for race theories, including theories of racial superiority, and we will talk about “personal-salvation” and “salvation-as-afterlife-only” theologies that do not address issues of […]

All Locations | Posted October 3, 2021
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